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A Festival Unlike Any Other

We live in a world where technology and modern urban life increasingly isolates individuals from each other. The speed and efficiency of digital communication ultimately negatively impacts our relationship with ourselves, others and the environment.

The inaugural AT ONE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is an international extravaganza celebrating Mind, Body and Spirit, seeks to address these issues.



Leading performers will take stage at the festival’s Opening Ceremony. An evening of world music, spiritual performances and healing parties, that blends the east with the west, the ancient with the contemporary, will unleash our inner energy and creativity.

The exhibitions, featuring contemporary art and cultural showcases, is inspired by Octave Institute's embodiment of by the concept of ‘oneness’; oneness with the self, with mankind and with nature.

Broaden your knowledge through the series of workshops organized. From yoga, to numerology, to traditional Chinese medicine, to sound therapy, to Ikebana and more, the sessions are highly engaging and aim to a awaken your senses and awareness from inside out.

A farmers’ market and creative bazaar rolled into one. Stalls selling organic produce, artisanal food, unique handicraft and other rare finds will fill up the market square while street performers mingle with the crowd to entertain and liven up the place.

At the ‘Mindfulness Food Fair’, internationally renowned chefs and nutritionists will work together to bring a vast array of innovative, healthy and nourishing cuisines using quality organic ingredients. Embark on a culinary adventure and celebrate the joy of ‘mindful’ eating together!