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SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute, SUZHOU
9-11 November 2018

Be Awed!

We live in a world where technology and modern urban life increasingly isolates individuals from each other. The speed and efficiency of digital communication ultimately negatively impacts our relationship with ourselves, others and the environment.

The inaugural AT ONE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is an international extravaganza celebrating Mind, Body and Spirit, seeks to address these issues.

It is a wondrous platform for holistic practitioners and thought leaders of the world to unite, exchange and share a holistic and inclusive new world view.

Enthusiasts and novices alike can come and celebrate this occasion with us and take home relational learning, engagement and connection, ideas and practices that will change your life forever.

This is the first-ever cultural festival in China with the theme of eastern wisdom for today, and it’s a fun, learning festival created for learners and those who wish to share.

Individuals, groups, and families of all ages can go on a spiritual journey together, connecting to each other in SANGHA Retreat's harmonious and natural atmosphere.

Learn, Grow, Eat, Shop…CONNECT!

You will enjoy the festival as a lively and hands-on extravaganza of the healing culture and practices, a festival of exciting events that unites various enterprises to support the new, more spiritual world order. Open to the general public, this ticketed festival is an invitation to a journey of discovery for all the five senses.

Inclusive and collaborative, this festival encourages mindfulness living habits and behaviors to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle. Integrating ancient Chinese culture with today’s science, this festival aims to be a broad base platform towards a way of life that harmonizes with nature, the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits, such as

The festival is open to public. We welcome kindred spirits from all over the world to join us on this journey to discovering a lifestyle of stillness.