AT ONE International Festival 2019

Consciousness For World Harmony

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AT ONE International Festival is an annual event that brings together thought leaders and holistic practitioners from around the world to address scientific discoveries, re-emergence of ancient practices, and humanity challenges of the 21st century. This is a Festival that pushes boundaries and celebrates life towards a common destiny of humanity.

  • Pre-Conference Forum on 2019/11/15 (for speakers & panelists)
  • 1-Day Conference (AT ONE International Conference) on 2019/11/16 (more than 600 participants)
  • 3-Day Festival Celebrations starting 2019/11/15 (open to public)

AT ONE International Conference 2019

New Paradigm, New Era of Well-being

Redefining well-being, wellness, healthcare & integrative medicine

Photos from AT ONE International Conference 2018

As we continue into the 21st century, we find ourselves in a new era focused on well-being. With this new era comes new challenges, and much like our ancestors who first encountered the previous era of industrialization, we must create and implement a new paradigm to face these challenges. This new paradigm will serve as a model for our culture as we seek to adapt to and thrive in the well-being economy.

As Einstein said, “We cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created it.” To this end, the science of consciousness must become a pillar of mainstream science and shifting consciousness will become the solution to all the challenges posed by this new era. We believe that consciousness is the mother of all capital.

We need to push boundaries, reclaim our whole self. Technology is driving merging of physical and digital. Science is meeting consciousness. Quantum is displacing Newtonian. Holism is pushing out separation. What does this mean to living and how will this change the incomplete healthcare system? It is common destiny for humanity to seek freedom and joy. This, we can be when we are well.

Today, we focus on the human body, on how to treat and or prevent disease, or how to maintain health, rather than nurturing a flourishing whole human person. Ancient wisdom traditions have approached life and well-being holistically, the human being at the level of energy, information, and consciousness. If we can incorporate these facets of being human into one model, we will be able to bring this holistic healing system to life and being.

We know when we are well, and one is only well when all is well. After all, life is all there is. This is when we have aligned our conscious and unconscious self with the collective holistic consciousness, where purpose, focus and action are aligned to the different levels of the mind.

This is the paradigm of Quantum Leadership, where all people must become the CEO of their own life.

The one-day Conference on 16th November 2019 and a close door forum for speakers / panelists on 15th November 2019 will explore:

  • Explore the paradigm of life sciences from the west and the east to define what life is and what health and wellness means.
  • Reimagine the future of what healthcare may look like as society lives longer, human life span increases and technology is changing the entire landscape.
  • Who should be responsible, for what and how do we get there?

Conference Agenda

16th November 2019

Town Hall, SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute, Suzhou China

Note: Simultaneous Interpretation (Chinese and English) is available. Please collect your headsets at the entrance

2019 Speakers

WeChat Image_20190828180937_副本

Frederick Chavalit Tsao


Chairman of IMC Group, Founder of OCTAVE Institute, President of Family Business Network Asia
B M Hegde



M.D., Cardiologist, Medical Scientist, Educationist

Garret Yount


Epigenetics Expert at Institute of Noetic Sciences

Gerard Bodeker


Chair, Mental Wellness Initiative of the Global Wellness Institute, Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University and Member, Green Templeton College, University of Oxford

Claire Lachance


CEO of Institute of Noetic Sciences
philip barr

Philip Barr


M.D., Staff & Faculty at Duke University

Brian Berman


President and Founder of the Institute of Integrative Health, Founder & Director (Retired) of the University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Integrative Medicine
Kenneth R. Pelletier-修

Kenneth R Pelletier


Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine

The Venue

About SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute

SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute

An area of 189,000 square meters, located on the bed of Suzhou’s Yangcheng Lake.

Just over an hour’s drive from Shanghai, serenity awaits at SANGHA Retreat. Eastern philosophies backed by Quantum Science is combined with retreat programs to help people awaken to a life of greater purpose and personal well-being. Our holistic approach to health and wellness could have no better home then here, where nature meets nurture.

Inspired by visionary Frederick Chavalit Tsao, fourth generation shipping and family business steward, one and all are inspired by the nature of the location to reinvent the nature of their lifestyles.

Address: 199 Yang Cheng Ring Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China

Make a reservation:  +86 (512) 6788 1666


About OCTAVE Institute

More than a school of life, OCTAVE Institute is a platform to help people find clarity, harmony and a new level of consciousness and freedom. It is comprised of SANGHA Retreat, the VILLAGE, and AITIA in Suzhou; and THE LIVING ROOM, an urban support center in Shanghai. The VILLAGE is a live-work-learn community for personal and communal learning, executive retreats, conferences, summits and festivals including the AT ONE International Festival, an annual, international festival that brings together thought leaders and holistic practitioners to address current issues. AITIA powers the communal programs at OCTAVE Institute. Together they create the foundation for growth towards a purposeful life, mindfully lived.