AT ONE International Festival 2019

Consciousness For World Harmony

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AT ONE International Festival is an annual event that brings together thought leaders and holistic practitioners from around the world to address scientific discoveries, re-emergence of ancient practices, and humanity challenges of the 21st century. This is a Festival that pushes boundaries and celebrates life towards a common destiny of humanity.

  • Pre-Conference Forum on 2019/11/15 (for speakers & panelists)
  • 1-Day Conference (AT ONE International Conference) on 2019/11/16 (more than 600 participants)
  • 3-Day Festival Celebrations starting 2019/11/15 (open to public)

New Paradigm, New Era of Well-being

15th-17th November 2019

SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute, Suzhou China

Living is communal, and learning is fun. Join us at the Festival celebrations that has rich activities for all ages, families, interests. Choose to participates or just sit back and enjoy the celebrations featuring:

  • Conference: Conference by international scholars & thought leaders
  • Performances: Performances by eastern and western leading artistes
  • Exhibitions: Art exhibitions & cultural showcases
  • Learning: 150 Learning workshops & master classes
  • Market: Creative bazaar & farmers’ market
  • Food: Culinary adventures & mindfulness food fair

Festival Programs

Last year, the Festival was celebrated with more than 95 classes and footprints close to 3,000 participants. The workshops that offered various tracks integrating the mind, body, energy transcendental experience or simple art and dance / movement, were all full. This year we hope to add at least 30 additional classes to the Festival events to bring it up to at least 125 workshops and classes under 6 main tracks – Mind & Energy, Body & Movement, Optimal Health, Mindful Relationships, Art & Music, and Quantum Leadership. There will be plenty of choices and activities for everyone.

Photos from 2018 AT ONE International Festival

Featured Practitioners


Sayuri Tanaka


Vegan & raw chef & raw food trainer

Kevin James Carroll


Kirtan/ Devotional singing artist/ leader
Punna Watsu

Punnu Wasu


Kirtan Musician

Mukara Meredith


Certified Hakomi therapist
Richard Ayling2

Richard Ayling


Wim Hof Method Instructor

Stephen Puiia


Corga / Yoga for
Men Trainer

Sebastian Bruno


Movement, Healing and Bodywork practitioner
WeChat Image_20190916183751_副本

Gary Joplin


Mind, Body, Energy Embodiment practitioner

Activity Highlights

Conference: Conference by international scholars & thought leaders (AT ONE International Conference)

Performances: Performances by eastern and western leading artistes

Exhibitions: Art exhibitions & cultural showcases

Learning: 150 Learning workshops & master classes

Market: Creative bazaar & farmer’s market

Food: Culinary adventure & mindfulness food fair

The Venue

About SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute

SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute

An area of 189,000 square meters, located on the bed of Suzhou’s Yangcheng Lake.

Just over an hour’s drive from Shanghai, serenity awaits at SANGHA Retreat. Eastern philosophies backed by Quantum Science is combined with retreat programs to help people awaken to a life of greater purpose and personal well-being. Our holistic approach to health and wellness could have no better home then here, where nature meets nurture.

Inspired by visionary Frederick Chavalit Tsao, fourth generation shipping and family business steward, one and all are inspired by the nature of the location to reinvent the nature of their lifestyles.

Address: 199 Yang Cheng Ring Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China

Make a reservation:  +86 (512) 6788 1666